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What makes the farmville,cafeworld, petville, petsociety, frontierville and cityville so popular?

What makes the farmville,cafeworld, petville, petsociety, frontierville and cityville so popular?

Any person who has Facebook is aware of the applications of the company ZYNGA.

The games are very popular and addictive on the internet, and the phenomenon can not be missed either because you play it or because you receive the notifications. The games are free, but special applications have a price.

The games seem simply funny but a lot of examples show that these games could be adictive. The games: Farmville, cafeworld, petville, petsociety, frontierville and cityville are very popular applications. The players don´t require a lot of skills or experience but the games allow the beginners to get more experience and rewards as long as the game is played (therefore attract non-traditional players).

The traditional players decide which game to buy, and the game has an initial cost and this is paid only once.

These new games are found cassually and granted the opportunity to play them for free, the games don´t require to have an special console because only require to have a computer and internet access.

Another difference with traditional games is that these new games do not have an ending, the developers constantly innovate applications look and also create different games to avoid tedium of the repetition of processes.

The games catch the eye because require a range of time for waiting results.

These new games simple and with low budget are updated constantly and require less time to be created.

The developers maintain and create new applications in different seasons depending on the situation in the real world.

The game is not played individually because include the social component. Different users invite other contacts to be neighbors of the farm and send gifts to provide more value to the application, because you can check the progress of the other the game becomes more competitive.

The industry attracts many players at first but gradually many players lose the interest, there are some others that continue playing without buying any special features.

Farmville and other applications subsist for so-called "Whales of the industry "which spend large sums of money to keep their "farms" customized, they receive more benefits by lower prices for the large amounts of money spent in the games.

The games do not end when you close the window, because the players are tied to them, this is because users keep in mind what to did and the time when they must return to the application, in some way they are controlled by the game.

These games do not require a great effort to know what is happening because the goals are clear, and the progress is happening almost mechanically, all seem happy and people feel rewarded at set times, players want simple things that they are able to do, it seems to work under the premise of a rabbit following a carrot that never will be taken.

People seem to react with scheduled rewards (Classical Conditioning Ivan Pavlov) If you do a certain thing will get some reward. That makes boring activities are most entertaining, if offered a great reward means that the activity has no value in itself.

People need rewards because they need to fill their lives with something, we are so empty that we fill our lives with happiness in virtual places where there is no poverty, no thinking required, no age, no death, no thinking is required ... This is the Happy world that Aldous Huxley wrote.

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