martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Critique to the life of the typical american.

On an average day the average american stands up and accommodates his pillow that was initially used by the upper class in ancient Egyptian tombs.

He goes to the bathroom and uses a soap that is a mixture of water, oil and vegetable waxes or animal whose formula was also used by the Greeks and Romans, who had known the formula through the Gauls that used it for personal hygiene.

If he is from a more privileged class at the end of his bath then he uses an exclusive perfume fashion created by a Spanish-French designer (Paco Rabanne). After that he approaches to his car which is Toyota ( a Japanese multinational company). Then He turns on the radio and listen the new song Shakira.

He Buys a newspaper and reads the news about what's happening in the Middle East. Arriving at his office he turns on his computer with a hard drive which was made in Malaysia, the screens are from China and were assembled in Argentina.

At noon he eats a hamburger whose recipe came from the cuisine of the Mongolian and Turkish tribes, and then it was developed in Germany, he also included in his lunch french fries.

Then he returns home and turns on the TV and watches a baseball game, eventhough that sport begins in modern United states, but many of its biggest stars are from countries like Dominican Republic, Venezuela, among others.

At night he orders China food for dinner.

Before going to bed, he brushes his teeth with a brush that was developed by traders who visited China and then introduced it to Europeans. At the end of the day he thanks to his God who was preached by a Jewish man.

The world has been built with a base of knowledge and the contribution of different cultures over time, you can not disparage any culture based on nationalism .

Some people are use to look down on other people from different cultures, we must remember that we are all important and although there is a predominance of an empire right now, we also need to remember that any empire have lasted forever.

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