viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Left and Right in Politics. Are they religious believers?

The terms Right and Left refered to political affiliations were born with the French Revolution, these positions are useful to analize the political values of the politicians and the political parties, left-wing is historically oriented to equality and right-wing is oriented to freedom, however, there are not determinants refered to the position to religion. Tipically the left-wing is recognized like atheist and the left wing as religious conservative, but the reality is that you can identify a classification that can be organized like this:

Left-wing and religion

Secular Left: The traditional left-wing has principles such as separation of church and state, an extreme position could be an atheist-state (Adam Michnik).

Religious Left: It´s an attempt to build socialism from Christianity, can be approached from different perspectives like the theology of liberation (Frederick Maurice and others)

Right-wing and Religion

Secular or lay right: This position argued in favor of a free market and no state

intervention in economic affairs, but on social issues such as gay marriage, separation of church and state, abortion, public decency laws obscenity and regulation of drugs, the secular right tends to favor deregulation of some or all of these practices, though they are not necessarily agree (Heather Mac Donald)

Religious Right: Making reference to the Christian right, it is ultra-conservative groups that link their particular interpretation of the Bible, with the conservative and neoliberal discourse of right-wing parties, they seek to apply the teachings of Christianity to politics and public policies (Jerry Falwell)

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